Training needs analysis for NH90 air and ground crews in Sweden


  • Britta Levin

Publish date: 2008-01-07

Report number: FOI-R--2293--SE

Pages: 130

Written in: English


Sweden has acquired a new multirole helicopter based upon NH90. In order to support the procurement of a suitable training media suite for both air and ground crews, the Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) decided to investigate the actual training needs. The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) was contracted to analyze the future training needs by conducting a so-called Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for both air and ground crews. The resulting documentation was to serve as a basis for selection of suitable training media. The TNA consists of two major phases where phase one is focused on establishing the training objectives resulting in the training needs and a set of technical requirements. Phase two involves mapping of the result from phase one to a selection of conceivable training media and a recommended training solution is obtained.