Verksamhetsmodellering för TOEM Helikopterbataljon 2010


  • Per-Ola Lindell
  • Magdalena Hammervik
  • Johan Fransson

Publish date: 2009-09-07

Report number: FOI-R--2336--SE

Pages: 240

Written in: Swedish


  • helicopter unit
  • organizational modelling
  • UML
  • RUP
  • VUM-LS


The current report presents the results of an organizational modelling of a helicopter unit acting as combat support in two national and five international representative scenarios. A helicopter unit consists, beside of the flying parts, of functions for command and control, technical helicopter support and ground support. For each representative scenario, roles, tasks, interactions with external actors, personnel and materials requirements were identified. The purpose of this work was to develop reference data for the preliminary "Tactical Organizational Economical Objectives of Helicopter Battalion 2010". The modelling has been accomplished by a project group consisting of system developers from FOI, user representatives from FM and domain exports from FM, FOI and FMV during the year 2006. The modelling method used is developed by FOI and based on Rational Unified Process, Unified Modelling Language and User centered systems development. The resulting model is presented in three chapters. In chapter 3, the organizational functions and roles of a helicopter unit of maximum size are described together with the tasks they are expected to be capable of solving. In chapter 4, identified external actors of the helicopter unit are briefly described. In chapter 5, prerequisites, tasks, boundaries, frame scenario, needs of main equipment and finally needs of personnel are presented for each of the seven selected representative scenarios.

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