Transfer of Training in Military Aviation


  • Jonathan Borgvall
  • Martin Castor
  • Staffan Nählinder
  • Per-Anders Oskarsson
  • Erland Svensson

Publish date: 2008-03-11

Report number: FOI-R--2378--SE

Pages: 35

Written in: English


  • transfer of training
  • training effectiveness
  • aviation
  • simulation
  • fidelity
  • human factors
  • man-system interaction
  • MSI


The current report is the result of a review of the scientific literature as well as own experiences concerning transfer effectiveness and in particular transfer of training. More specifically the report relate to transfer of training from simulator to performance in the real task setting, with a special emphasis given to transfer of training studies performed within aviation. The report provides background knowledge for researchers conducting transfer of training studies. Thus the report is a compilation of methodological experiences and theoretical concerns concerning the subject of transfer of training.