Error sources in gun laying and target location


  • Stig Sandberg
  • Ulf Hörberg
  • Peter Andersson

Publish date: 2008-01-07

Report number: FOI-R--2392--SE

Pages: 22

Written in: Swedish


  • Target location. Soldier.


The purpose of target indication and target location is to increase the probability of target detection and to find the right target. In a number of field studies different methods of target acquisition for combat soldiers have been investigated. Verbal, acoustic and visual techniques have been tested. A visual system that pointed out the direction to the target was found to be the most accurate method. However, these tests were made with fielded laboratory equipment and the target positions were measured in advanced with high precision. The soldiers' ability to measure target positions in urban terrain using portable equipment has been examined. The focus of the investigation has been to investigate to what extend the performance of the soldiers influence the precision of target locations. The results show that the precision in the target spotting depended on both the soldiers handling of the equipment and their ability to evaluate the result of the measurements. The result from using a graphic feedback method was superior to a numeric feedback method.