EU capability development - Post Headline Goal 2010


  • Anna Sundberg
  • Eva Hagström Frisell

Publish date: 2008-04-25

Report number: FOI-R--2479--SE

Pages: 60

Written in: Swedish


The future of the EU capability development will be subject to discussions within the EU in coming years. Today most parties agree that there is no need to formulate a new target post Headline Goal 2010. Instead, the longer-term Capability Development Plan, which is currently being developed by the EDA, is judget as an important tool for capability development and shortfall management in the EU. A new or revised security strategy may, however, lead to a new Headline Goal. It will be important for Sweden during its Presidency in 2009 to maintain capability development high on the political agenda and regularly evaluate shortfalls and the progress made in addressing them. In case a new security strategy is adopted Sweden might also become involved in elaborating a new Headline Goal. Sweden could take advantage of the generally wide interest in furthering coordination of the civilian and military capability development.