State Failure on the High Seas - Reviewing the Somali Piracy


  • Karl Sörenson

Publish date: 2008-12-10

Report number: FOI-R--2610--SE

Pages: 46

Written in: English


  • Somalia
  • Piracy


This report makes cardinal claim: Somali piracy will not successfully be fought by only employing naval means. The reason for this is two-fold. first, the inherent structure of any systematic piracy, to which the Somali piracy belongs, makes it difficult to stop the practice by merely focusing on impeding pirate vessels. Piracy, has always been in need of at least one safe port, from where it can seek refuge , refit, and, most importantly, unload and trade the loot. Second, the state of Somalia, with its disintegration in the south, uncertainty in Puntland and relative stability in Somaliland, makes it difficult, but not impossible, to successfully target the roots, or incentives, of piracy. The political situation in Somalia is dire, and it is difficult to decipher the connections between the different regions and the complex clan system.