Defence Aids Suits International Missions - description of Game Methology


  • Erik Nordstrand
  • Eva Andersson

Publish date: 2009-01-08

Report number: FOI-R--2613--SE

Pages: 53

Written in: Swedish


  • Game
  • assessment
  • DAS
  • international missions


In the frame of project Defence Aids Suits international missions, war games have been performed, as a mean to create basic data for researchers at FOI with the objective to assess DAS of today but also develop new concepts of DAS for units operating in international missions. With the unit and systems of today as a starting point, a number of war games based on discussions, in order to build up knowledge, were performed. These discussions or war games were held at tactical level where interaction between subsystems, platforms and units were studied and assessed. The results from these games were then used by researchers from FOI to develop and design new DAS concepts. The concepts were based on the possibility of the technology and from striven tactics derived as a result from the performed games where given tasks to a unit were solved. During year 2008 assessment games were performed in the main based on the same methodology that was used during the games performed in 2007, to assess the applicability and efficiency of studied DAS concepts. The used methodology was very functional and is accounted in the present report.