REVVA2 och GM-VV. VV&A årsrapport 2008


  • Sten-Åke Nilsson

Publish date: 2009-01-09

Report number: FOI-R--2633--SE

Pages: 47

Written in: Swedish


  • VV&A
  • M&S
  • validation
  • verification
  • accreditation
  • vv&A process
  • VV&A methodology


Verification, validation and accreditation (VV&A) is a process which aims to increase the credibility of simulation models and provide their users with information regarding their suitability for a given purpose. Verification is the process of determining whether a model implementation and its associated data accurately represent the developer's conceptual description and specifications. Validation is the process of determining whether a model and its associated data provide an accurate representation of the real world from the perspective of the intended uses of the model. Accreditation is an official certification that a model, simulation, or federation of models and simulations and their associated data are acceptable for a specific purpose. The VV&A process also contributes to become aware of errors and deficiencies in the early phases of the development of simulation models, which is of great economic value. This requires a well analyzed method for VV&A activities, which also should be tailored for the specific application. Our activities have three different focuses: research concerning methods and techniques for VV&A; support to the Swedish Armed Forces to implement a suitable VV&A-process; and dissemination of knowledge concerning VV&A. During the years 2006 to 2008 the project has participated and focussed on the international project Europa 111-104 "Common validation, verification and accreditation framework for simulation, REVVA2". The aim with this work was to define and develop a platform for a common generic VV&A methodology. During project time a study group within the VV&A Community has proposed that the result from this effort should be leveraged as a standard generic VV&A methodology. The first steps have been taken and a group, mainly REVVA2-members, is now formed to work for this standardisation together with SISO, Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization.

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