MUSIS i ett svenskt perspektiv


  • Christer Andersson
  • John Rydqvist

Publish date: 2009-01-27

Report number: FOI-R--2667--SE

Pages: 71

Written in: Swedish


  • reconnaissance satellite
  • satellite monitoring
  • remote sensing
  • ESDP
  • ESA


The MUltifunctional Space Imaging System, or in short MUSIS, is an initiative to create an independent European satellite based observation capacity. This report gives the European context to MUSIS and assembles experiences from previous Swedish studies and discussions. The purpose with the report is to give the Swedish Armed Forces HQ an extensive background for decision associated both to the global security ambitions of the EU and to the industrial politics in Europe. In the report three different perspectives regarding MUSIS are described; the efficiency perspective, the industrial perspective, and the European perspective. All these different views on MUSIS are in reality connected to each other. As the current harmonisation of Europe's defence and space organisations clearly confirm. Further to this MUSIS is today a dual-use-system that integrates civilian and military capacity. Altogether implying that a decision on Swedish participation in MUSIS should be taken as a cross-authority national Swedish decision. Sweden has three alternatives to go regarding the capacity that MUSIS offers; participate in MUSIS by Buy-In or as Plug-In, develop an independent national resource, do not engage in any spacebased surveillance systems. In terms of the perspectives describe above the first alternative create value for Sweden in all three perspectives, the second alternative increase value in perspective one and two, the last do not create any value in any of the perspectives. The schemes as Swedish authorities do date have chosen - to postpone a decision - is in reality a decision for alternative three. At the end the report gives an advice to produce a Swedish action plan with a number of specified activities. The objective for the action plan should be at short sight to act in the MUSIS issue and at long sight to start benefit from the possibilities space offer to Swedish Armed Forces.