Pakistan - Consequences of Deteriorating Security in Afghanistan


  • Kristina Zetterlund

Publish date: 2009-02-17

Report number: FOI-R--2683--SE

Pages: 164

Written in: English


  • India
  • China
  • South Asia
  • nuclear weapons


Pakistan is at the centre of the world´s attention in the wake of various political, economic and security-related events. The recognition that Pakistan has a key role in the stabilisation of neightbouring Afghanistan has also brought the country into the spotlight. With the intensified focus on the region, there is a growing desire to deepen the understanding of links between Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as related regional and international dynamics. this report brings together a group of internationally leading Pakistan-experts who look at various issues related to the country. In order to highlight the regional linkages the writers analyse different topics with a deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan as point of departure. The objective of the report is to look at developments in Pakistan from a domestic, regional and international perspective.