Autonomous functions for operator supports


  • Fredrik Näsström
  • Micad Cirkic
  • Joakim Rydell
  • Karl-Göran Stenborg
  • Per Skoglar

Publish date: 2009-07-07

Report number: FOI-R--2752--SE

Pages: 31

Written in: Swedish


  • Autonomous functions
  • operator supports
  • detections
  • tracking
  • reidentification
  • sensor control


The aim of the project Autonomous functions is to study how operator sup-ports can be improved by using sensor data analysis and autonomous func-tions. There are several reasons to improve the performance of operator support system. Studies have shown that the performance of sensor opera-tors decreases considerably if for example a lot of sensor data are to be processed or if sensor data are analysed for a long time. To support opera-tors' different autonomous functions can be applied as detection, tracking, reidentification, sensor control etc. The project Autonomous functions have contributed to the integration of autonomous functions to MSSLab (Multi sensor simulation laboratory). MSSLab is a simulation framework developed at FOI to make it possible to evaluate sensor systems in various environments, weather conditions and time periods. This report presents some autonomous functions and how these can be used to create intelligent support systems. The scenario used in the simulations contain a UAV flying in front of a convoy to search for threats and if so report that to the convoy so it can choose another route. The vehicles in the convoy are doing a patrol in a terrain with both hostile and neutral vehicles.