Comprehensive Approach i Fredsfrämjande Insatser. Den allomfattande insatsens beståndsdelar


  • Cecilia Hull
  • Claes Nilsson
  • Markus Derblom
  • Robert Egnell

Publish date: 2009-09-04

Report number: FOI-R--2804--SE

Pages: 84

Written in: Swedish


  • complex conflicts
  • Peace Support Operations
  • Multifunctional operations


The report is part of a Swedish Defence Research Agency project aiming at supporting the Swedish Armed Forces´development of effects-based command in Peace Support Operations. The report is part of a series of studies focusing on Comprehensive Approaches, their implementation and the future development of concepts for multifunctional operations. The report seeks to provide a detailed account of how a Comprehensive Approach could actually be applied in a complex intervention, in an effort to start bridging the gap between concepts and practice in the field of comprehensive approaches. The report tries to bring together different findings in a single framework: "The Comprehensive Intervention". Our aim is to reach to a point where not only the challenges of multifunctionality are known, but also to be able to give recommendations on potential solutions to alleviate the problems associated with those challenges.

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