Rymdteknologins spridning, Ett nytt hot mot Sverige och Försvarsmakten?


  • Christer Andersson
  • John Rydqvist

Publish date: 2010-02-16

Report number: FOI-R--2873--SE

Pages: 27

Written in: Swedish


  • Space technology
  • satellites
  • threats
  • proliferation
  • international operations
  • image intelligence
  • space situational awareness


The use of space technology has over the last decade broadened to more and more players. Both new countries and non-governmental groups are now using various space services on a regular basis. Many countries also aspire to create their own independent space capabilities, and therefore with determination develop technical expertise in the field. The development is often done with the help of other countries. The driving force for the proliferation of spece technology is a combination of national pride, security and growth expectations. The threat that the new space services creates against the Swedish Armed Forces and Sweden are multifaceted. Threats could include a more intensive intelligence coverage, improved situational awareness with a more detailed targeting, and a stronger command of the opponent. During the same period as the space technology has become widespread the Swedish Armed Forces begun to operate in new geographic areas and with new premises where Sweden might takes a clear stand against local opponents. Threats against the Swedish troops have under these conditions increased markedly. These threats is now being enhanced by the new space-based threats, either by the adversary itself when using simple space services, or by support from allied adversaries with more advanced space capabilities. The report describes briefly various space capabilities, space technology proliferation, and some of its impact on the Swedish Armed Forces. the report recommends the Swedish Armed Forces to take this new threat seriously, to increase awareness of the problem with its staff, and to take initiative to create a Swedish capacity for space situational awareness.

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