Natural environment modeling - year report 2009


  • Gustav Tolt
  • Peter Follo

Publish date: 2009-12-31

Report number: FOI-R--2893--SE

Pages: 27

Written in: Swedish


This report summarizes the activities 2009 within the project Environment modeling. The primary purpose of the work has been to make an initial investigation of needs and possibilities related to 3D environment models and high-resolution geographical data. Based on interviews and meetings with, along with questionnaire answers from, representatives within the Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) and Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), the following main conclusions can be highlighted, serving as examples of areas where we believe that additional efforts especially would promote further development in the area: ? Creation of detailed and application-specific 3D models ? Shared vision regarding formats and standards for 3D data and environment models ? Infrastructure for efficient data sharing ? Assessment and description of the quality and relevance of environment models in different applications ? Characterization and creation of geo-typical terrain models ? Improved coordination within the defence family concerning geographical data and environment models ? Description of activities in terms of TRL The bullets above form the basis for the activities in the project 2010, the main purpose of which is to emphasize particularly interesting problem areas where there is a need for research and development that are deemed to be of particular interest for the Swedish military, and to suggest adequate measures to take concerning these.