Methodology for the technical evaluation of sensor systems with MSSLab


  • Fredrik Näsström
  • Leif Carlsson
  • Tomas Chevalier
  • Jörgen Karlholm
  • Thomas Svensson

Publish date: 2010-09-07

Report number: FOI-R--3004--SE

Pages: 37

Written in: Swedish


  • assessment
  • sensor system
  • sensor performance
  • MSSLab


The task for the SIMSENS project (Simulation based sensor system assess-ment) is to develop a modular sensor system simulation program that can simulate sensor systems in various environments, weather conditions and time periods. The simulation tool that is further developed is the MSSLab (MultiSensorSimulationLab). This report describes the status of work on the methodology for assessment of sensor systems using MSSLab. This report contains a compilation of various methods and tools that can be used in technical assessment of optronic systems and radar systems. Some of these have been tested to analyze their ability to estimate sensor perform-ance. A methodology for estimation of sensor performance based on Bayesian estimation has been further developed. A major benefit of this method is that you directly get a measure of the information in the sensor data. We have been studying how sensor noise levels, pixel resolution and the azi-muth angle of the target affect the identification accuracy. The method can for example be used to investigate whether a vehicle has a signature that makes it easy to identify with the tested sensor.