Arkitekturbaserad ledningssystemutveckling: Slutrapport


  • Niklas Hallberg
  • Sofie Pilemalm
  • Helena Granlund
  • Joachim Hansson
  • Peter Litsegård
  • Thomas Sundmark
  • Annie Pilemalm

Publish date: 2010-12-31

Report number: FOI-R--3079--SE

Pages: 48

Written in: Swedish


  • C2 systems development
  • architecture-based development
  • final report


This report summarizes the result produced by the project Architecture-based C2 systems development (2008-2010). The project´s objective was to provide the Armed Forces with knowledge relating to architecture-based development of C2 systems that is practically and scientifically quality assured. Developing C2 systems with the right functionalities and features is both time consuming and costly, and the proportion of successful development projects is relatively low. For many years the conditions to achieve "good" systems have been studied, but there are still many aspects left to explore. The project Architecture-based C2systems development has contributed with knowledge in several areas relating to the Armed Forces´ development of C2 systems. For example, the project has contributed with knowledge relating to (1) which needs of support exist for the development of C2 systems within the Armed Forces, (2) relevant principles and development methods, and (3) experiences regarding model-based systems development. The project has had close links with several more applied projects, such as the Model-based capability development project. These links were established to ensure that the issues studied in the project would have high relevance for the Armed Forces´ development of C2 systems. Knowledge transfer from the project has been achieved through the project´s employees actively participating in these more applied projects and through reports. The project has also produced a number of scientific publications in order to assure the quality of its scientific results. An important part of the application of the project´s results within the Armed Forces will live on in the transfer project Method for specifying requirements of FM C2 systems.