Ten years of space within Research and Technology


  • Sandra Lindström

Publish date: 2011-12-28

Report number: FOI-R--3283--SE

Pages: 42

Written in: Swedish


  • space
  • research and technology
  • space strategy


The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) has been active in the space field for the last ten years (2001-2011), an activity that mainly has been funded through the R & T funds from the Swedish Armed Forces. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the reported results from the R & T activities in order to update obsolete results and avoid duplication in the current space study (2011-2012) lead by the Swedish Armed Forces. The work done in the R & T activities are closely linked with a number of studies completed by the Swedish Armed Forces and work done for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, therefore, this paper also describes other activities to make the context clearer. Overall, the work during the last ten years resulted in a number of publications. This document is an attempt to summarize the most important results, and also to reevaluate the recommendations that have been given over the years. Two things have been stated repeatedly during these years: capacity and long-term thinking. There is still a need for knowledge-building within the Swedish defence authorities in regard of space issues, more people should be involved and efforts for specialist knowledge should be initiated. We need more dedicated employees with expertise to evaluate space missions, there is a need for knowledge about the use of satellite services, there is a need for knowledge of trends and future in space technology and research, in particular, there is a need for a stronger knowledge of the threats in relation to space systems and other players. There is still a gap in long-term thinking in terms of space issues, to be able to deal with issues arising here and now there is a need for preparation and plans well in advance. A vision, strategy or doctrine for space issues, answering today's questions are important for an efficient work. All in all, FOI believes that the results presented are still highly relevant.