Weapon system assessment - Summery of activities during 2011


  • Peter Strömbäck

Publish date: 2011-12-15

Report number: FOI-R--3305--SE

Pages: 22

Written in: Swedish


  • Weapon system assessment
  • PKG
  • ECF
  • CCF
  • course
  • correcting fuze


This report provides a summary of the activities performed in the project Weapon System Assessment (Vapensystemvärdering) during 2011. Focus has been on research and development of methods for assessment of precision weapons with increased standoff. During 2011 the most prominent activities to enable such assessment have been modeling and simulation of spinning projectiles with course correcting fuzes and propulsion with solid and liquid ramjet engines. Work has also been conducted within the fields of endgame control with imaging seekers and development of tools for assessment of weapon systems. The activities are briefly described in this report together with motivations on the developed knowledge, methods and tools as well as how the knowledge has been transferred to the Swedish Armed Forces.