A proactive safety system


  • Steven Savage
  • Henrik Allberg
  • Björn Larsson
  • Tommy Nilsson
  • Michael Peolsson, H N V
  • Joakim Rydell
  • Karl-Göran Stenborg
  • Erika Bilock

Publish date: 2012-12-05

Report number: FOI-R--3515--SE

Pages: 25

Written in: Swedish


  • safety
  • security
  • elderly
  • proactive
  • reactive
  • monitoring
  • privacy


The project proaktiva trygghetsssystem has developed new knowledge and tested technical solutions to reduce the number of serious accidents in the community, particularly fall accidents involving older people at home. A demonstration system has been built and tested in a nursing home for the elderly. The tested technology approach was twofold. Firstly, a proactive approach to warn for anomalous behavior using an accelerometer was tested and secondly in a more reactive approach a distance measuring camera from the computer game industry was used for more robust event detection. This fall detector was tested at a nursing home. The system has been built using low-cost components from consumer mass market products, and has been designed according to privacy by design concepts. The proactive approach has obvious advantages compared to the mainly reactive approaches used today, where technical solutions are often used after a serious accident has occurred. Proactive approaches aim to minimise the risk of accident, or the consequences of an accident. A Proactive Safety System can lead to reduced health care costs and decreased personal distress. With additional development the results of the project can ultimately be used to enable older people to live longer in their own homes while maintaining security for both those directly concerned and their relatives. There is significant development potential in other branches of the healthcare and security sectors for new products and services. There are thus a large number of potential users, which if the proactive security system existed today would benefit directly and indirectly. Care has been paid to respect the personal integrity of the user. The Proactive Safety System has significant potential to alleviate the problem in western societies of a growing proportion of elderly citizens and concomitant increase in healthcare costs. New tools for health (Hälsans nya verktyg, HNV) has been a partner in the project. This project has been funded by Länsförsäkringsbolagens Forskningsfond.