WindLog 2020 - Logistical Challenges of Wind Power Expansion


  • Sten Ternblad
  • Gustav Salomonsson

Publish date: 2013-12-31

Report number: FOI-R--3731--SE

Pages: 62

Written in: Swedish


  • wind power
  • logistics
  • SCOR


This study about logistical challenges associated with large scale development of wind power has been financed by Swedish Energy Agency and Södra Norrlands Vindkraftcentrum. We have used SCOR - the world standard for supply chains - to map supply chains for development of wind power. By using SCORmethodology in our study, we have developed a conceptual model and shown how it can be used for analyzing supply chains for large scale wind power expansion. Supply chains include flows of information and goods. When we mapped the flow of information from a stakeholder's perspective we've found that information is not effectively spread downstream the chain to other stakeholders, nor is the content needed in the early phases particularly useful for stakeholders downstream for their decision-making regarding investments in capacity for the physical flow of goods. The existing infrastructure and resources can sustain a substantial flow of goods in support of an expansion of wind power. However, there is an apparent risk that without synchronization between the stakeholders in terms of information, infrastructure and the resources needed for transportation of goods, there will be a less then optimal usage and thereby impose a limitation on the expansion. We have on a conceptual level found that by using SCOR it's possible to model the flow of goods associated with a development of wind power, and we have used that in this study.