Security studies in the information age: A review of methods


  • Ulrik Franke
  • Mikael Eriksson
  • Jerker Hellström
  • Steven Savage

Publish date: 2013-11-13

Report number: FOI-R--3737--SE

Pages: 58

Written in: English


  • Security studies
  • information and communications technology (ICT)
  • social science
  • technology assessment
  • intelligence analysis
  • sanctions
  • privacy


The aim of this study is to illustrate the wealth of perspectives and methods for studying the interplay between information and communications technology (ICT) and social and political events. The report covers a broad range of available scientific and scholarly methods, from social science, computer science, technology assessment and intelligence analysis. In addition, two chapters are more practitioner-oriented, covering the areas of ICT sanctions and privacy. The report concludes with a discussion on how different methods suits different needs, and on the prospects for combining different methods to gain a better understanding of these complicated phenomena.