Trend analysis SPACE 2014


  • Sandra Lindström
  • Daniel Faria
  • Kristofer Nevall
  • Victor Jungnell

Publish date: 2015-02-13

Report number: FOI-R--3985--SE

Pages: 55

Written in: Swedish


  • space
  • satellite
  • trend
  • space technology development
  • space
  • proliferation


Technological development in the space domain is no longer driven only by military needs and requirements; commercial driven ideas and projects in the aerospace industry are increasing. Space technology is cheaper and more accessible to more actors than it used to be; there are considerably more actors with their own operational satellites today compared to only ten years ago. Technology development is centred on concepts such as miniaturization, standardization, satellite clusters and launch-on-demand. Proliferation of space technology goes through bilateral agreements or by commercial operators. The three major space faring nations USA, Russia, and China are changing their space politics. There are more and more actors in space and more countries with their own satellite launch programs. There are many new opportunities for Sweden but at the same time, this means that the threat is becoming increasingly complex.