Framåt Sahel. En analys av Sveriges förbandsbidrag till FN:s insats i Mali


  • Claes Nilsson
  • Magdalena Tham Lindell

Publish date: 2015-12-16

Report number: FOI-R--4172--SE

Pages: 55

Written in: Swedish


  • Mali
  • Sahel
  • West Africa
  • Africa
  • African security
  • UN
  • United
  • Nations
  • Mali01
  • Mali02
  • ISR
  • intelligence
  • peace support operations
  • peacekeeping


This study of the Swedish contribution to the United Nations peacekeeping operation MINUSMA focuses on the Swedish contingent, Mali02, which was deployed to Timbuktu in Mali between June and November 2015. Mali02's main objective was to contribute to the work of ASIFU - MINUSMA's newly established intelligence unit. The report aims to identify key results and challenges pertaining to the intelligence work. The report also analyses how the work of Mali02 was utilised by MINUSMA in its efforts to implement the mission's mandate. The study notes that Mali02 was able to contribute to ASIFU through its intelligence products. Mali02 also supported the introduction of a dedicated intelligence capacity in the mission through training of other contingents in Sector West as well as the Sector Headquarters. While there were examples of how the work of Mali02 and ASIFU had contributed to the implementation of the Security Council mandate, the study also identifies important challenges. These included MINUSMA's inexperience in leading an intelligence component and difficulties in MINUSMA to make use of the intelligence products. However, ASIFU and the Swedish troop contribution also added value as a catalyst for the development of a modern intelligence capacity within the UN, something that is necessary for the UN when acting in complex conflict settings.