NCS3: Internetanslutna styrsystem i Sverige


  • Hannes Holm

Publish date: 2017-04-05

Report number: FOI-R--4415--SE

Pages: 43

Written in: Swedish


  • Critical infrastructure
  • industrial information and control systems
  • survey
  • empirical


Critical infrastructures such as energy, transportation and healthcare are dependent on the support of various information technologies. If these technologies are connected to the Internet, even actors with minor technical knowledge are able to interact with them and thereby potentially compromise their functionality. This report describes a study of the extent to which technologies that support critical infrastructures in Sweden are connected to the Internet. The databases Shodan and Censys were used to identify systems with internet connections and geodata was employed to relate these systems to critical infrastructure sectors. The results show that systems in various sectors, especially the energy sector, are connected to the Internet. A total of 47 industrial information- and control system components, 9118 potential office system components (of which 3 % were judged as internal), as well as 1967 potential communication components, were identified.

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