Usage of the model SSSV Mark


  • Patrik Thoren
  • Pontus Hörling

Publish date: 2020-05-04

Report number: FOI-R--4846--SE

Pages: 20

Written in: Swedish


  • Simulation model
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Ground battle
  • Adjudication data
  • Analysis
  • Statistical outcome table


Within the project Simulation-based support for gaming and valuation (SSSV), during 2016 - 2018, the simulation model SSSV Mark 2018 was developed with the purpose of generating data for the construction of adjudication data. The project was financed with the Swedish Armed Forces contract AA.8041501 - FOI stöd till FM förmågeinriktning 16 - 18 (MKOK 804). The projects background originates in the Swedish Armed Forces need for adjudication data to be used in operational level wargames. Adjudication data can be constructed by generating statistical data by means of simulation models. This is done by running Monte Carlo-simulations with statistical models, which produces a spectrum of results. SSSV Mark 2018 is a prototype for this kind of simulation model. The report describes, roughly, what questions the model potentially (after development) can answer, parameters within the model to be varied or kept fixed for analyses, and how to use the model to construct adjudication data.