Perspectives on the pandemic – first cut analysis regarding civil defence issues in light of the covid-19 pandemic 2020


  • Eva Mittermaier
  • Niklas Granholm
  • Ester Veibäck

Publish date: 2020-07-01

Report number: FOI-R--4992--SE

Pages: 97

Written in: Swedish


  • Pandemic
  • total defence
  • international system
  • cyber threats
  • crisis management
  • great-power confrontation
  • multilateral institutions
  • crisis communication
  • influence operations
  • psychological defence


This study focuses on civil defence. In light of the ongoing covid-19-pandemic, the purpose is to draw some conclusions in order to support the ongoing rebuilding and modernization of Sweden's total defence concept. The international system is also under change, with the earlier international order under transformation. Existing trends with increasing great-power confrontation and a weakening of multilateral institutions have to be factored in when redesigning a modern total defence system. The topics covered includes an overarching analysis of crisis management issues, cyber threats, storage of intermediate goods and supplies, crisis communication strategies, issues relating to policing in crisis situations and psychological defence. Practical aspects are also included: methodology of testing, the effect of mass tourism during the pandemic, and not least training of rescue personnel and providing proper care for victims in hazardous environments.