Nationell försörjningsberedskap - FOI:s analys av försörjningsberedskapen som svar på regeringsuppdrag Ju2020/02565/SSK, Ju2018/05358/SSK


  • Ann-Sofie Stenerus
  • Jenny Ingemarsdotter

Publish date: 2021-07-08

Report number: FOI-R--5174--SE

Pages: 217

Written in: Swedish

Research areas:

  • Krisberedskap och civilt försvar


  • total defence
  • civil defence
  • security of supply
  • economic defence
  • supply shortage
  • security of supply measure


This report presents the response provided by the Swedish Defence Research Agency in November 2020 to a government assignment on security of supply. In particular, the report focuses on potential tasks for a Swedish central body with a comprehensive responsibility for security of supply issues. Such tasks were previously coordinated at a cross-sectoral central level by Överstyrelsen för civil beredskap, which was closed down in 2002. Data for the analysis was obtained from official reports of the Swedish Government, public authorities, county administrative boards, municipalities, associations and the private sector. In addition, the report provides a historical review of the tasks previously handled by different Swedish central security of supply authorities, and a brief international comparison. The study identifies a number of potential tasks for a central body with a comprehensive responsibility for supply issues. These are sorted into four categories: 1) direction and coordination under normal conditions (prevent the risk of, and promote the management of, supply disruptions), 2) management and cooperation in crisis and war (ensuring that different actors' actions are goal oriented), 3) executive tasks within a designated sector (take actions in sectors not managed by other authorities), and 4) other security of supply enhancing tasks (such as managing stockpiles).