From Shitposting to Genocide


  • Per-Erik Nilsson

Publish date: 2022-01-28

Report number: FOI-R--5257--SE

Pages: 83

Written in: Swedish


  • : Accelerationism
  • lone-actor
  • fascism
  • conspiracies
  • media-ecology
  • propaganda
  • national socialism
  • racism
  • gamification
  • terrorism


This report is about so-called violent lone-actors. The overarching aim of the report is to deepen the understanding of contemporary lone-actors motivated by radical nationalist ideology. This is achieved by analysing rhetorical aspects, strategies, and ideology in manifestos written by lone-actors who, according to themselves, are in the midst of an accelerationist and revolutionary struggle. Moreover, the report is a multidisciplinary synthesis of research on lone-actors with a particular focus on the role and function of ideology. Finally, based on the analysis and synthesis, the report discusses the potential to detect and prevent loneactors, in particular with the use of digital technology. The report is written for practitioners and researchers working with questions relating to the understanding and prevention of violent extremism and terrorism, as well as for the interested general reader. The ambition of the report is to provide the Swedish public with an in-depth understanding of the topic of lone actors and to provide the reader with theoretical and methodological tools for further analysis and knowledge production.