Knowledge, Graphs and Language Models


  • Ronnie Johansson
  • Magnus Rosell
  • Tove Gustavi
  • Edward Tjörnhammar
  • Peter Hammar

Publish date: 2024-02-15

Report number: FOI-R--5504--SE

Pages: 57

Written in: English


  • knowledge base
  • knowledge graph
  • language model
  • knowledge model
  • knowledge repository
  • retrieval augmented language model


A knowledge model is the part of an information system that contains the system's computational knowledge, that is, the information that can be used for reasoning and decision making. In this report, the concept of computational knowledge is discussed, focusing on some specific types of knowledge models that can be used to represent it, namely knowledge bases, knowledge graphs, and language models. The models have different properties and have reached different levels of maturity. Specifically, this report reviews recent advances in research on graph and language models, and discusses the usefulness of combining multiple knowledge models in a so-called knowledge repositor