FOI conducts research in a whole range of areas concerned with space, from experiments and calculations to studies of the security and defence policy consequences of developments in space technology. FOI possesses a unique body of competence where the analysis of space matters is concerned since we are able to combine technical, military and security policy expertise in our analyses in this field.

Earth from space

FOI provides expert support to the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Government Offices in areas such as capability development, arms control, export controls and non-proliferation. We monitor and analyse developments in these fields worldwide to ensure that we have a full understanding of the military and security policy implications of developments in space technology and space system applications. We also undertake assessment and evaluation of missile systems from a technical and security policy point of view and we participate in international forums for the export control of missiles.

The test activities conducted at FOI’s facility in Grindsjön focus on propulsion and propellants. We carry out research into propulsion systems and can offer technical advice on combustion systems and rockets. We also develop and analyse a variety of propellants, both solid and liquid, for space systems and we have developed a green ADN-based propellant which can replace hydrazine.

In Linköping our research activity is centered on laser and radar systems and antennas. We possess unique system expertise in the area of Synthetic Aperture Radar and its applications. Using laser technology we carry out atmospheric measurements which are supplemented with satellite data for climate studies and mapping. We also have a broad range of competence where antennas and the electromagnetic environment are concerned and we have developed radio antennas for satellites.

In Kista we carry out concept studies and simulations in areas such as aircraft control systems, structural analysis and design as well as aspects of combustion for different types of spacecraft, for example high-altitude vehicles for rapid intercontinental transportation. We support the Swedish Armed Forces regarding the procurement and use of GPS equipment and conduct research into the sensitivity of satellite navigation systems to interference.


Last updated: 2022-10-17