Structural and materials technology

Structural mechanics is a relatively mature discipline, which has produced numerous commercial computer codes, although not all equally powerful, based on the finite element method. FOI has developed a computer code, called Stripe that is specially designed as a tool for performing reliable large-scale analysis of damaged metal and composite structures. It is used for virtual testing, certification, and accreditation.

Stripe is an hp-adaptive code that is especially adapted for large computer systems of up to a thousand or more computers (CPUs). It is based, furthermore, on a mathematical formulation that allows the code to compute with exact correctness under given boundary conditions and structural loads. Another of its properties is that the shape of the finite element can be highly distorted, but without compromising the final result; also, the number of necessary elements can be less than in conventional finite element codes.

FOI’s tool-box also includes other codes that it has developed; these are based on fracture mechanics, and are useful for predicting the growth of cracks as a function of cyclic loading. The codes have been specially adapted for damage tolerance analysis.


Last updated: 2021-02-09