Swedish Defence Research Agency


Biological Agents

FOI develop methodology to identify and characterize infectious agents in the field of microbial forensics.

Lab work

Our customers are Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency as well as other preparedness agencies, pharma­ceutical companies, and national and international research councils and foundations. In general, the research results are published in open source journals.

Search for our publications here  (Report number “FOI-S” for Scientific publications)

Our reasearch areas

Technical Development Analysis

Gloves holding a delicate sample
  • DNA sequencing
  • Metagenomics
  • Source tracking
  • Population genetics
  • Bioforensics
  • Bioinformatics

Microbiological Risks (Agents)

test tubes
  • Survival and virulence studies
  • Decontamination studies
  • Pathogen fate/survival
  • Air filter DNA sequencing
  • Viability assays

Operational Support

  • Biopreparedness
  • Proficiency tests
  • Quality systems
  • Genome databases
  • Bacterial and viral repositories
  • Reach back
  • Immuno detection toxins

FOI develop methodology to characterize intentionally released infectious agents, including methods for tracking origin and migration patterns of micro­organisms and viruses.

In this area, we cooperate with international as well as national research groups.

Our research includes:

  • large-scale sequencing of environ­­mental samples and clinical samples
  • studies of genetic distances in microorganisms
  • studies of microbial origin and evolution
  • development of methods for analyzing evidences from a bioterrorism act, biocrime, or inadvertent micro­organism/toxin release for attribution purposes

Last updated: 2018-12-03