Robust Communi­cations Platforms and Communications Systems

FOI conducts research into robust communi­­cations platforms and communi­cations systems and possesses a unique body of knowledge and experience in the develop­ment and evaluation of such platforms and systems. FOI has long experience of both civil and military appli­cations through its regular assign­ments to provide expert support in this field.

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FOI employs a multidisciplinary way of working and makes use of a broad portfolio of methods, for example field studies and trials, simulations and user-centred development. FOI works within an overall perspective which takes account of the complex interaction between man, technology and organisation (MTO) that takes place when communi­cations platforms and communications systems are used in dynamic situations such as accidents, crises and serious disruption of the normal functions in society.

FOI has competence in the following areas:

  • how the robustness and reliability of different communi­cations solutions can be increased, and what the vulnerabilities are of different solutions – including navigation and positioning systems – to the various forms of electromagnetic interference (both intentional and unintentional), 
  • how electromagnetic interference from own systems , so-called mutual interference, can be prevented or managed if it arises, 
  • technology solutions for interruption-free communi­cation in isolated systems or wider networks, 
  • how effective continuity handling can be achieved in the context of interference from an MTO perspective, 
  • design of scalable and flexible communi­cations platforms and communications systems for different types of command and coordination organisations, 
  • assessment and design of communications platforms and communications systems for different types of operations and command and control tasks. 

 FOI has laboratory and simulation facilities for:

  • measurement of electromagnetic interference in specific environments, 
  • calculation of radio coverage in different environments and terrain types, 
  • assessment of various ways of increasing robustness (e.g. in radio systems, radio network solutions, mobile decision support and command and control platforms), 
  • assessment of questions associated with the use of communications platforms and communications systems under extreme physical and cognitive stress, 
  • testing and evaluation of the tolerance of GPS receivers to electromagnetic interference, 
  • testing and evaluation of new solutions for the in-house positioning of personnel. 

FOI cooperates with other agencies including the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, MSB’s Rakel Unit, FMV, the Swedish Armed Forces and Södertörn Fire Prevention Association. We also undertake assign­ments for clients such as Vinnova, FMV and the European Commission as well as from industry and the business sector.


Last updated: 2020-10-14