Risk and Vulnerability Analysis

All organisations have to manage uncertain­ties that vary in character, extent and duration. It is important to define and follow up the particular areas of responsibility and to make it possible for organi­sation and activities to be effective even in the event of serious incidents and crises. FOI can provide support throughout the risk management process embracing risk assessment, vulnera­bility assessment and overall risk management.

Utility poles

Where critical infrastructure is concerned, it must be possible to maintain the most vital functions. Prevention and foresight are fundamental to good emergency prepared­ness. In order to identify current and future threats there needs to be continuous analysis of risks and vulnerabilities. And to be able to create and maintain a good crisis manage­ment capability it is important to have good insight into the strengths and weak­nesses of particular organi­sations and particular areas of responsibility, not only in themselves but also in relation to other organisations and activities where there may be, for example, critical dependencies.

Moreover, it is important to take steps to remedy identified vulnerabilities and gaps in capability. A general crisis management capability allows flexibility in dealing with all kinds of events.

Last updated: 2020-10-14