Defence Economy

Within the area of defence economy, FOI undertakes research in support of investigations and decision-making. We do this on the basis of three primary focuses: defence logistics, strategic manpower, and economic analysis.

Sedlar i utländska valörer

Defence logistics

Within defence logistics we analyse efficiency in materiel supply, the organisation of logistics as well as the logistical flows to and within the Swedish defence. This entails e.g. civilian-military cooperation and defence industrial conditions. We support decision makers and the Armed Forces with analyses where we problematize, structure and propose measures to increase efficiency within defence logistics.

Strategic manpower

We also analyse the strategic personnel supply of the Swedish defence, from several perspectives. We work with questions related to the recruitment of personnel to and personnel flows within the Swedish defence. We also work with analyses regarding the Armed Forces personnel organisation with focus on competence, structure and equal treatment.

Economic analysis

Within the area of economic analysis we outline and analyse the development of global defence expenditure, Swedish defence expenditure and cost development for military equipment, personnel and defence structures in their entirety. We support decision makers and other agencies with data collection, cost calculations, calculation models and analyses of economic conditions for further spending on defence.


Last updated: 2023-03-30