Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare research covers evaluation and simulation, optronic systems and radio and micro­wave systems. In the field of electronic warfare FOI is engaged in method and techno­logy development, studies, education and training as well as theoretical and experimental research relating to electro­magnetic inter­ference and methods of protection.

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These activities are in support of our two principal customers, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Defence Materiel Admini­stration, in seeking to achieve an electronic warfare capability that meets the needs of our military response units. A large part of the value of electronic warfare systems lies in the knowledge of how the systems are used operationally.

Electronic warfare systems

Through the use of electronic warfare systems it is possible to gain advantage through the possibility of detecting, locating, analysing, blocking or deceiving an adversary’s radio or radar systems. 

FOI’s activity in this field covers research, develop­ment and systems for traditional electronic warfare (reconnaissance and disruption) against radio and radar systems but also electronic warfare designed to afford protection against improvised explosive device (IED) attacks.

Research activities cover the following areas:

  • Electronic warfare technology, methods and functions
  • Radio and radar technolog
  • Signal processing
  • Software development
  • Hardware design and construction.


Last updated: 2024-05-02