Operational analysis and strategic planning

Operations Analysis and Strategic Planning comprises research and expertise in methods support and decision support , in the form of studies, analyses and/or direct support within military operations analysis and strategic planning.

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The aim of this research area is to develop knowledge and provide support to primarily the Swedish Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence through military operations analysis and defence policy research. A major element of the analysis support to the Armed Forces is provided directly by FOI operations analysts who are integrated in all of the higher commands, including the staffs of each of the military branches.

The research area includes competence in among other things military capability development and military operations as well as defence-related strategy and policy issues.

FOI’s military operations analysts provide support in applied science and analysis, especially regarding expertise and skills not normally available to its clients, for decisionmaking. Support is provided mainly in tasks involving planning, execution and assessment, at military strategic, operational, and tactical levels, regarding both operations and preparedness as well as force structure development. Examples of tasks that FOI’s operations analysts support are the Swedish Armed Forces’ long-term military force structure planning, and defence planning, as well as the Ministry of Defence’s work in defence economics and materiel supply.


Last updated: 2022-07-01