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Strategic Outlook

Strategic Outlook is a recurring, forward-looking collection of FOI reports, highlighting questions of great strategic importance for policy in the domains of defence, security, and foreign affairs.

Report cover Strategic Outlook 7, map from psace overlooking the Baltic Sea

Every chapter from Strategic Outlook can be found in so called offprints further down on this web page. If you want to read the whole report, look under Related content.

Reflecting the current global situation, the theme of the latest edition, Strategic Outlook 7, is “Perspectives on national security in a new security environment.” The report connects insightful views on security policy, leading-edge technology and defence capability with vital issues of national security.

The articles in Strategic Outlook build on research and analysis in diverse topics of strategic importance for “the defence and security policy debate.” The report is a result of cooperation between researchers and analysts at FOI. The first edition of Strategic Outlook was released in 2009.

Offprints from Strategic Outlook 7

  • National Defence and the Baltic Sea Region: Sweden’s New Focus. Robert Dalsjö and Michael Jonsson.
  • Defence Economics and Defence Allocations: Between Considerations of Need and Cost. Peter Nordlund and Mikael Wiklund.
  • The Baltic Sea Area: a New Geopolitical Focal Point. Mike Winnerstig.
  • Germany: a New Swedish Ally in Europe? Eva Hagström Frisell and Anna Sundberg.
  • Total Defence at the Crossroads. Fredrik Lindgren and Ann Ödlund.
  • Psychological Defence: Vital for Sweden’s Defence Capability. Niklas H. Rossbach.
  • The Internet as a Military Arena: a Challenge for the New Total Defence. Mikael Wedlin and Erik Westring.
  • Internet of Things: an IT Security Nightmare. Daniel Eidenskog and Farzad Kamrani.
  • The Swedish Electricity Supply System: How to Deal with Increasing Vulnerability. Maria Andersson and Lars Westerdahl.
  • Geographic Information: a Vital and Rapidly Changing Asset. Ulf Söderman, Simon Ahlberg and Gustav Tolt.
  • The Long-range Weapon Threat. Erik Berglund, Martin Hagström and Anders Lennartson.
  • Sweden Needs a Defence- and Security-related Space Strategy. Sandra Lindström and John Rydqvist.
  • Sweden Food Supply after Radioactive Fallout: Five Loaves and an Entire Population. Niklas Brännström, Torbjörn Nylén and Henrik Ramebäck.
  • A Norwegian Outlook. Alf Christian Hennum and Tore Nyhamar.
  • The Finnish Defence Planning Problematique. Jyri Raitasalo.
  • The Significance of Defence Research for National Security. Katarina Wilhelmsen and Mikael Wiklund.