Scenario and situation description for SSSV Mark


  • Patrik Thoren
  • Farzad Kamrani

Publish date: 2020-05-04

Report number: FOI-R--4847--SE

Pages: 28

Written in: Swedish


  • Simulation model
  • Scenario
  • Vignette
  • Scenario parameters


The simulation model SSSV Mark 2018 was developed 2016 - 2018 within the project Simulation-based support for gaming and valuation (SSSV), with the purpose of generating data for the construction of adjudication data. A simulation with the model is run both within a high level (overall operational/strategic) scenario and a low level (specific) situation. Depending on the purpose of the simulation, the different types and levels of scenarios must be defined, parameterized and described to varying degrees. The report discusses the different levels of scenarios and scenario details, and what is relevant for different usage examples of the model. The specific parameter values used for the demo of SSSV Mark 2018 is presented in the appendix of the report.