Aval development 2020-2022 - Annual report 2020


  • Mats Hartmann
  • Peter Alvå
  • Johan Pelo

Publish date: 2020-12-31

Report number: FOI-R--5036--SE

Pages: 23

Written in: Swedish


  • vulnerability
  • lethality
  • assessment
  • V/L


This report constitutes the formal delivery of the Aval maintenance and development project of 2020. The report gives a short introduction to the software and its use. During 2020, Aval was used (by FOI) to support the Swedish Armed forces in several projects. The development work is divided into two lines, one maintain the current version (AVAL 6.9) and the other develops AVAL 7 which has a completely new code structure. A purpose of the new structure is to increase the flexibility of the code and simplify implementations of e.g. new calculation models, new geometry formats and to improve possibility of simulations where the target has a high velocity. A list of external users are included as well as other relevant topics.