Forskningsfronten inom informationsfusion


  • Johan Schubert
  • Ronnie Johansson
  • Pontus Hörling
  • Tove Gustavi

Publish date: 2023-02-22

Report number: FOI-R--5438--SE

Pages: 26

Written in: Swedish

Research areas:

  • Ledningsteknologi


  • information fusion
  • target tracking
  • situational understanding
  • common operational picture
  • decision making
  • autonomous systems


Information fusion compiles information from multiple independent sources. With its methods, one can simultaneously make a hypothesis more specific and increase its probability when different statements overlap and support each other. In this report, we examine the research frontier in information fusion as represented at the 2022 International Fusion Conference. We have studied twelve different sub-areas and analyzed 24 selected conference contributions in the areas of fusion of information in target tracking, situational understanding and common operational picture, decision making and for autonomous systems.

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