Swedish Defence Research Agency


FOI is led by a Board of Directors with full responsibility. The members of FOI's Board of Directors are assigned by decision of the Swedish Government.

FOI logo and Swedish flag

The constitution of the Board of Directors of FOI is as follows:


Björn von Sydow

Former Speaker of the Riksdag, former Minister for Defence and chair of the Defence Commission

Board of Directors

Jens Mattsson

Director General, FOI

Ella Carlsson Sjöberg

Doctor of Technology

Ulf Hammar­ström

Director General, Swedac

Taha Hirbod Alexandersson

Docent, National Board of Health and Welfare

Mats Leijon

Profesor, Uppsala university

Ingela Mathiasson


Employee representatives

Mattias Liefvendahl

Saco-S trade union

Eva Larsson

OFR/ST trade union

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Last updated: 2020-01-16