Cyber defence and C2 technology

The Cyber Defence and C2 Technology Division at FOI conducts activities in the research areas of Sensors and Signature Adaptation, C2 (command & control) Technology, and Information Security. The division’s activities support cyber defense and cybersecurity, sociotechnical command systems development, sensor data analysis, sensor fusion and decision support systems.

Tre medarbetare har ett möte framför dataskärmar

The Division’s activities build knowledge about information management in our clients’ C2 functions based on the assumption that an antagonist tries to make them difficult or impossible to use. The application of the knowledge gained supports the Swedish Armed Forces in obtaining effective command and control capabilities in challenging conditions.

The division consists of six units: Cyber Defense, Cyber Training Center, Decision Support System, Man–Technology–Organisation, Sensor Data Analysis, and Sensor Networks and Multisensor Fusion.


Last updated: 2024-03-12