Swedish Defence Research Agency


Defence Technology

The knowledge and ability to build and describe complex technical systems is today a requirement in both the military and the civilian spheres.

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FOI creates, evaluates and disseminates knowledge and techniques to handle threats and vulnerabilities for both the Swedish Armed Forces and the civilian society.

Through the Division for Defence Technology, FOI generates technical and scientific knowledge useful at all levels, from components to complex systems. Core competences include aeronautics, launch and propulsion, underwater technology, nuclear weapon issues, modelling and simulation and assessment of effects and vulnerability up to platform levels.

The division is strongly placed both nationally and internationally. Its research work is both multi-disciplinary and problem-oriented. The broad range of expertise and a well-developed international network gives FOI a unique capability to solve many problems in its area of expertise. Within this division, FOI has advanced and unique resources at its disposal for so well small as large scale experiments.

Among the customers to whom FOI provides support is the UN, the EU, the Defence Material Administration (FMV) and the Swedish Judicial System. Examples of areas in which our knowledge has been applied spans from vehicle airbags to the control regime of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.


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Last updated: 2021-01-01