• A map that shows the global military expenditure.
    US strongest, but China catching up
    In 2030, the United States will continue to have the world’s strongest military, but China’s forces are growing rapidly. Meanwhile, Western Europe’s military spending is also increasing. This can be read about in the 2023 edition of FOI’s report, Defence Economic Outlook (DEO) .
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  • A silhouette of a person and a cloud with "AI" written over it.
    How military AI systems can be attacked and misled
    The use of AI systems in military contexts is becoming increasingly interesting for the Swedish Armed Forces. But adversaries may exploit vulnerabilities in the systems. A group of researchers at FOI has investigated what risks exist and how great they are.
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  • Stock photo
    Podcast: Russia's War
    In this four part pod series you will hear more from the researchers behind the report: Russia’s war against Ukraine and the West – The First Year.
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  • A soldier launching a grenade.
    Russia’s confrontation with the West will be protracted
    More than a year after the extended war in Ukraine, Russia is weaker than before, the countries in its immediate vicinity have more room for manoeuvre and it is more dependent on China. But Russia will not end the war, nor try to repair relations with the West, according to a new anthology from FOI.
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  • The Chinese sign for Arctic and a Chinese flag.
    Increased Chinese interest in countries around the Arctic
    China is showing an increasing interest in the countries around the Arctic. FOI, in collaboration with the American research organisation, RAND Corporation, has investigated Chinese activities in the Arctic and considered how they play a part in China’s economic statecraft.
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  • How past reforms are affecting the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine
    While much of the world’s focus during the past decade has been on the Russian military’s technological advances, its invasion of Ukraine has shown how having soldiers on the ground is still a crucial element for waging war. In a new report, FOI researcher Jonas Kjellén examines Russian military manning and organisational reforms since the fall of the Soviet Union, and how they help explain the difficulties the country has faced during the first year of the "special military operation" in Ukraine.

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  • Unique hypersonics facility: “From simulation to world-class experiments”
    Armed forces around the world are following developments in hypersonic weapons. One of FOI’s main contributions to research in this field is the creation of a unique experimental facility for understanding scramjet propulsion of hypersonic cruise missiles.
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  • War of words - how Ukraine uses strategic communication to beat Russia on the information front
    A defiant Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskij proclaiming, “I need ammunition, not a ride”; a seemingly endless line of Russian trucks stuck outside of Kyiv; or a video of a young girl singing “Let it go” from Disney’s Frozen, while sheltering in a basement. These are just a few of the many video clips, images and stories from the war against Ukraine that have been broadcast around the world and helped rally support for the beleaguered nation both at home and abroad.
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  • Earthquake, war and economic decline – an update on Syria
    As the humanitarian crisis following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria unfolds, the situation is further complicated by the ongoing conflict in Syria, frosty relations between Damascus and Ankara and geopolitical positioning by Russia, Iran and the West.
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  • Growing Great-power competition in Africa
    Africa’s strategic importance in the world is growing. Amid Moscow’s growing isolation from the West following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin is intensifying its efforts to court African nations. FOI is monitoring these developments, as they are of utmost significance for both Sweden and Europe.
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