28 November 2016

FOI receives international research award

Researchers from FOI awarded in international competition at MILCOM conference.

Three researchers, Sara Örn Tengstrand, Patrik Eliardsson and Erik Axell, from the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), have been awarded the 2016 Fred W. Ellersick MILCOM Award for the Best Paper in the Unclassified Technical Program for their paper Mitigation of Multiple Impulse Noise Sources Through Selective Attenuation. The paper was selected from among the 225 accepted manuscripts. Unlike many other conferences, there is just a single best paper in the MILCOM Unclassified Program.

- Receiving an award at such an important conference as MILCOM is a proof of the competitive level of the research conducted at FOI, says Jan-Erik Mathisen, Head of Robust Telecommunication at FOI.