29 May 2020

Algeria plays a key role in the security of the region

Algeria, by surface area the largest country in Africa, shares borders with two conflict hotspots – Libya and the Sahel. A FOI report provides a comprehensive analysis of how the country is dealing with the security challenges emanating from its neighbouring countries.

Algerian soldiers guarding a gas plant

Algerian soldiers stand guard at Tiguentourine Gas Plant in In Amenas. Photo: REUTERS/Louafi Larbi.

Libya has been shaken by years of civil war made more complex by the involvement of several external actors. The Sahel region along Algeria’s southern borders is also unstable and is grappling with terrorism. Algeria has traditionally had a stabilising role in this conflict-ridden region.

The report presents an overview of central aspects of Algeria’s history, politics, economy, military, and its current political developments. It also discusses whether Algeria’s actions in its immediate neighbourhood will be influenced by its domestic political and economic situation.