A method for smoke spread testing of large premises


  • Walmerdahl Per
  • Per-Olof Werling

Publish date: 2001-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0046--SE

Pages: 25

Written in: English


A method for performing non-destructive smoke spread tests has been developed, tested and applied to several existing buildings. Burning methanol in different size steel trays cooled by water generates the heat source. Several tray sizes are available to cover fire sources up to nearly 1MW. The smoke is supplied by means of a suitable number of smoke generators that produce a smoke, which can be described as a non-toxic aerosol. The advantage of the method is that it provides a means for performing non-destructive tests in already existing buildings and other installations for the purpose of evaluating the functionality and design of the active fire protection measures such as smoke extraction systems etc. In the report, the method is described in detail and experimental data from the try-out of the method are also presented in addition to a discussion on applicability and flexibility of the method.