Humanitarian assistance by the Swedish Battalions in Kosovo - an Evaluation


  • Broberg Wulff Maria
  • Ströberg Karin

Publish date: 2001-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0171--SE

Pages: 26

Written in: Swedish


The first Swedish battalion (SWEBAT) arrived in Kosovo in October 1999. Their main undertaking has been to guarantee the security for the local population, but also to provide them with humanitarian relief. Sida and SWEDINT signed a general agreement containing 1.5 million SEK in February 2000 - money that SWEBAT was to use when accomplishing small-scale humanitarian operations. This report is an evaluation of these small-scale operations. Those interviewed from the receiver country (village representatives etc.) were all very satisfied with SWEBA7s humanitarian operations and so were the co-ordinating organisations, such as UNMIK, M6dicos del Mundo and Scandinavian House. Our conclusion is that SWEBAT´s competence and resources have been well used and suited to these kinds of operations. The battalion should therefore as we see it be used for similar operation in the future. The report contains recommendations on how the general agreement between Sida and the military authorities could be continued in order to clarify their respective roles. In addition there are recommendations on how to make the administrative work of the funding easier. Furthermore, this evaluation raises new questions concerning the further development of the civil-military co- operation (CIMIC - CMO) between the parties. It is important that Sida and the military authorities create a confinuos dialogue. A step in this direction would be the preparation of a common policy document, on how to act together in operations abroad.