Konstruktionsmetoder för robotstyrautomater


  • Eliasson Peter
  • Forssell Lars
  • Hamberg Johan
  • Sjöblom Maria
  • Wirkander Sven-Lennart

Publish date: 2002-01-01

Report number: FOI-R--0326--SE

Pages: 49

Written in: Swedish


In this report different missile control design methods and modelling methodologies are compared. In chapter 1 traditional and modern design and modelling methodologies are reviewed and compared. In chapter 2 the theory of robustness analysis is covered and such an analysis is applied to a simple missile model. The results of an explicit robust stability analysis and a u analysis are compared and they are seen to agree. In chapter 3 an equation based SoFRam missile model is given and chapter 4 provides a sketch of a traditional gain scheduling controller for this model. Chapter 5 and 6 describe how the design of nonlinear controllers can be partly automatized. Chapter 5 describes how an equation based model implemented in the symbolic language Maple can be transformed to a form that can be used by the simulation environment Simulink. Chapter 6 shows how controllers to models obtained this way can be produced by the Nonlinear Synthesis Toolbox. These two chapters describe ongoing work.

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